You Can Lose Weight by Eating These Foods

What do cayenne pepper and puréed vegetables have in common? According to two new studies, mentioned on The New York Times, both are natural appetite suppressants.

The first study included a group of 25 diners, for whom just half

a tea spoon of red pepper was added to the meals. When added to a bowl of tomato soup, for example, red pepper caused them to eat 60 calories less on their next meal compared with when they ate the same soup without red pepper. The spice also increased their metabolism, causing them to burn more calories without doing anything.


Photo by Susy Morris

In the other study, diners ate casseroles with varying amounts of purée. The addition made the dish more bulked up, meaning you can eat a bigger dish with fewer calories. On average, the purée helped them eat 200-350 fewer calories a meal.

Both methods don’t offer a great deal of weight loss, but they serve as easy to use techniques on your quest for dieting.

Adding Food and Subtracting Calories [The New York Times]

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