Are Obese Kids at Risk for Heart Disease?

We’re big advocates of the fight against heart disease here on A Disease A Day (you can read our series – “Unde

rstanding heart attacks” – part 1, 2, 3). Yet when people think about heart attacks, they usually think about older people.

According to a new research, younger people are also at risk. In fact, very young – the study, reported on WebMD, included 63 children at the average age of just 13. The study found that obese children’s blood vessels are stiffer. Stiffness in blood vessels is usually associated with aging and predicts heart disease. Specifically, stiffness in the aorta, as was found in the study, is associated with cardiovascular events and early death.


Photo by Patrick J. Lynch

According to Doctor Beth Abramson, quoted in the article, poor nutrition and inactivity are threatening children’s health and well-being. No word yet about a possible treatment, such as improved diet or more exercise.

The bottom line – if you feared that prolonged sitting in front of the TV or video games isn’t healthy for your kids, we may have first proof you were right.

For the full article, follow the link.

Obese Kids Have Signs of Heart Disease [WebMD]

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